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Selling online with PayPal shopping cart! It's FREE to setup! The faster and safer way to sell online!

Ecommerce Website - Selling Online with Squirrelcart Shopping Cart

If you are intending to set up an Online Store you will have to decide how you are going to take payments for the products you are selling. For an online store you will need to install a shopping cart on your website. The shopping cart allows the customer to find the products they are seeking and to make the purchase quickly and effectively.

Setup Merchant Account with Your Bank

If you want to take credit card payment securely on your website you need to have an Internet Merchant Account and you must apply at your bank. Talk to your bank and find out how much they charge for transaction fees. You will also need to purchase SSL (Secure Socket Layer) from your chosen web hosting company. The SSL is used to encrypt your website to prevent scammers or fraudsters to steal sensitive information, especially our customers credit card details.

Sign up with PayPal

If you do not want to process credit card payment on your website you can choose PayPal payment processing methods that do not require an Internet Merchant Account. And it is free to set up. With PayPal payment system your customer is taken away from your site to Paypal's website to make credit card transaction. With PayPal payment system you do not have to worry about the security on your website.

Our Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart is easy to use, affordable and customisable. You can manage your online store by yourself - adding/deleting products and categories, setup shipping and payment gateways and much more. See our own online store

The Price is $1000 (the price does not include shopping cart)

Our shopping cart has the following features: