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SEO Best Practices

After learning the basics of Search Engine Optimisation in this course, I have come up with SEO best practices and how to create a findable website.

Follow Google Search Engine Guide

First and foremost, you should follow Google Search Engine guidelines. You should not violate Google search engine guidelines, otherwise Google will penalise your website.

Create Good Titles and Description

You should create unique and accurate page titles and description for each page. Each page should have different titles and description. You should include your main keywords in the titles and description.

Write Quality Content

You should write quality content for your website using your main keywords. For example, if your website is about building timber homes and framed homes in Perth WA, you should write about these topics on your website to let Google know that your website is about building timber homes in Perth. Each page should have its own quality content.

Use Text for Navigation

All navigations should be in plain text links which make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand your site. Avoid Flash and JavaScript navigation.

Use Keywords in URLs

Use proper keywords in your URLs, for example if you create a page about timber homes in Perth; you might want to include these keywords in your URLs “timber-homes-perth.html”.

Use Hyphens and not Underscore in URLs

All URLs should be readable both to humans and the machine. Read about search friendly URL

Keep Your Website Fresh

Google loves fresh content and up-to-date websites. Make sure you update your website on a regular basis.

Promote Your Website on Social Media

Even though social media are not the place to search for information, it is highly recommended that you create social media networks for your website to drive more traffic to your site – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest etc.

Google Analytics

Sign up with Google and get Google Analytics codes and put it in every page on your website. Without Google Analytics, it’s extremely difficult to know about the traffic of your website. Also get Google site verification code.

Building External Links

To help your ranking in Google and other search engines, it is important to link your website with other websites, as many as possible. There are thousands of FREE business directories available on the Internet, especially the “Australian Business Directory”


Last but not least, you might consider advertising in Google AdWords and other Pay Per Click advertising.