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Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Advertising is the key success for your business website. Without advertising, your business website will not last long - you might quit your website in 1 - 2 years because none of your potential customers will know about your business website. You should ask yourself, what do I want from my website? What are my competitors doing? What do my customers really want from my website? Do you want to generate more sales/clients from your website? Here are some tips that will make your decisions much easier and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Every business has different needs. Some businesses want to generate more sales from their websites and some businesses just want to have an online presence so that their customers can find them online. If you want your business website to generate more sales for you, online advertising in Google and other search engines as well as other business directories are very important.

Google Organic Search

You do not pay for Google organic search or search engine results page (SERP). This is a FREE service. Once your website has been online, Google will automatically list your website index (home page) and other content pages. The organic search is the listing of websites in the main page of Google - when you do a keyword search, Google will give your search results in the main page and highlight them in blue. The websites on the very top with an ad icon in yellow and on the right hand side are Google Adwords advertising and this is how Google makes money. Some of my clients have a very high ranking in Google search and some are hidden deep in Google because their keywords are very, very competitive. For example, if you type maxi taxi you will find right there on the first page. This is because there are not many maxi taxi websites.

If your business keywords are very competitive, the best option for you is to find a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. They will optimise your keywords and content to improve your position on Google and other search engines. There are thousands of SEO companies out there so make sure you find the right one. We have partnered with Smart Traffic for optimising our clients' websites. Smart Traffic is an SEO company and search marketing experts. They have 10 years experience in SEO.

Google Adwords

If you are looking for a low-cost, yet highly effective means of advertising your products then Google Adwords might be your answer. Google Adwords provides a simple way to purchase highly targeted advertising, regardless of your budget. Unlike other sites selling banners and ad space and pay-per-ranking, Google Adwords provides advertisers with highly effective text advertisements (ads) that are displayed with the search results. If you do not know how to set up Google Adwords, you can ring Google in Australia on 1800 064 238 - they will help you with your Google advertising.

Paid and FREE Business Directories

There are thousands of business directories available on the Internet, especially the Australian business directories. Advertising in paid and free business directories is important for your website. When I first started my web design business in 2008, I advertised in Dlook business directory. I paid $200 for one year and I got my first 2 clients from Dlook. It's also important to submit your website to a FREE business directory to build links with other websites. This is time consuming but it will help with your ranking in Google.

Social Media Networks

These days, most businesses create their business pages in social media networks as a way to communicate with their existing customers as well as potential customers. Some social media has advertising programs like Adwords in Google, for example, Facebook offers advertising programs for businesses. The most popular social media networks that you can explore to advertise your business are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and Instagram.