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Choose the right keywords search

Google and any other search engines are like a printed directory such as Yellow Pages or White Pages. When people want to look for something, for example, a cleaner in Perth, a plumber in Perth or an electrician in Perth, they used to look for these keywords or keywords phrase in their local Yellow Pages. First they looked it up in the index page; cleaner, plumber or electrician. Unlike the printed directory where you search for the keywords in the index page, in search engines such as Google or Bing, you begin a search by typing a keyword in the search box and then the search engine will give you the results. Hence, the keyword search is most important and valuable in the search engine marketing field. By including the right keywords or targeted keywords in your website, search engines will find your website and display it on the first page.

Search for the term / phrase

First and foremost , you need to think about the most relevant keywords for your website’s content. Will the searches use the keywords to find your website? For example, if you have a website about maxi taxis in Perth, Western Australia, what do your prospects type; “maxi taxi”, “maxi taxi perth”, “maxi taxi in perth wa”? Let’s search for maxi taxi in Google and see the search results. When I typed maxi taxi in the search box, Google gave me the following search results:

maxi taxi

As you can see, some of the websites did not include the keyword maxi taxi in the meta title but they appear on the first page. For example, Swan Taxis – Our Fleet, Google locates Maxi Taxi in the description or somewhere hidden in the content.

Search for your competitor’s term/phrase in major search engines

When I have a new client, I always search for my new client’s potential keywords in Google. By understanding which websites already rank for your keywords, it gives you a valuable insight into the competition – from here you will know whether your chosen keywords are competitive or not. If your keywords are competitive, you might want to think about targeting certain keywords in your area. I recently had a new client from Melbourne. When he emailed me, he said that he just wanted people around his area to search for his roof and tiling business. He gave me 5 suburbs : Malvern, Bayside, Caulfield, Bentleigh and Brighton. If you type “roof tilers malvern”, you will see his website on the first page as shown below –

desena web design

Long Tail Keywords

A long tail keyword is a very targeted search phrase that contains 3 or more words. It often contains a head term, which is a more generic search term, one or two words in length, ( – 3/9/2015). People who use long tail keywords are looking for answers in Google. According to my Google Analytics, people have used long tail keywords to find my web design services. For example, “web site designs perth au”, “affordable web design perth”, “budget simple graphic design perth”, “webside builders in perth” etc…. see Google Analytics below:


If Google does not find the long tail keywords in the meta title tag, Google will search for long tail keywords deep in the content pages. For example, “budget simple graphic design perth”, when you type these long tail keywords in Google, my website shows up on the first page, ranked third. Google picked up “budget” in the title and simple and graphic designs in the content. See the screen shot below:

So it is important not only to target keywords in the title but also to write quality content for your website. Every page should have different relevant keywords in the title, description, and quality content. If Google does not find the keywords in your meta title, Google will look for the keywords hidden deep in the content.